How to Become a Passionate Full-Time Writer

Storm Constantine was one of the first authors who inspired me to throw myself into writing fantasy. She also happened to be local to the area where I grew up which was part of fascination because she was just a local girl like me and if she could do it, well then why the heck couldn’t I!! 🙂
Many years ago I worked for a wonderful friend of hers in the ICT training centre at Staffordshire County Council.
Far more than just a boss, Karen made it her mission to encourage me to get my E.C.D.L qualifications and provided huge encouragement when it came to my fledgeling dreams of becoming a serious writer, including putting me in contact with her writer friend, Storm.
Shortly before resigning from my post at Creative Writers Facebook Group, I suggested to the group’s founder that an interview with Storm could give the group’s members some amazing tips on how to become successful in the craft.
The resulting interview, kindly provided by Storm, covers exactly what I consider to be the most important aspects of becoming a fantastic writer, so be sure to go and check it out at the link below.
If, incidentally you are looking for a fantastic writers group which focuses only on helping its members become better writers and in how to get published then check out my friend Greg’s group Writers Lounge
Writers Lounge also works in affiliation with my other friend Kristen’s professional but affordable editing business Your Editing Lounge, meaning that the group is a one-stop-shop for writers looking to progress from the early stages of planning a story through to getting it publication-ready. I look forward to seeing you all there!! :}

In the meantime here is Storm’s take on exactly what you need in order to turn your dreams of writing into reality…

How to Become a Passionate Full-Time Writer! — Creative Writers’ Blog

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