Episode 15 of Bite of the Amphis

Episode 15

I spent the night on a high ledge overlooking the Rhani waterfall. Normally I would have been petrified of all of the night sounds as creatures, of all shapes and sizes moved through the undergrowth hunting for food. As it was I found a new sense of freedom in the knowledge that nothing in the world could hurt me in my new spirit form. It was exhilarating and rather heady to feel the full breadth of my new quasi-immortal existence. So heady in fact that it even managed to free me from the grey, formless blanket of my own miserable self-pity.

As I watched the light of the moon shine through the spray from the falls like stardust as it drifted down to the frothing water below, I felt a new drive fill me.

Somehow, I had to get a message to my loved ones to tell them that I was alright. It could even be this worry that was what was keeping my spirit tethered on this plain, and nothing at all to do with the curse. It might make no difference at all to my current situation, but I realised that I could live with that fact as long as I could ease their pain.

At the end of the day, even if I was stuck here for the next twenty years, I would be with the people that I loved, and i just knew that the minute my father discovered that Solen could see me, he would order Solen to act as my voice whether he wanted to or not!

So, there was only one problem left. Solen was the only person who could see me and he refused to so much as lift a finger to help. In that case I would just have to trap him into admitting that he can see me and then pester him to the point of insanity until he did as I wished. Like the ghosts from my father’s stories, I would haunt Solen. I vowed to myself that I wouldn’t leave him alone for a single second until he did what I asked of him.

As I stared down into the inky water far below, I had to admit that Solen’s refusal to help me had hurt. We may not be close friends like Shari and I, but I had felt something more in that kiss and some naive part of me had secretly thought that he had felt it too.

It didn’t matter, I told myself as I felt the misery starting to rise again. This haunting could serve two purposes. It could also be just the revenge I needed, in order to put that hurt to bed once and for all. I smiled into the darkness. Solen wouldn’t know what hit him come first light.

I felt the cool breeze comb through my hair. It was strange how I could still feel things like the breeze and the sun, while at the same time not feeling a single drop of pain from any of my falls and tumbles? I had tried but no matter what scenario I came up with I couldn’t think of any possible explanation for the phenomenon. My smile broadened. Just because I couldn’t explain it didn’t mean that I couldn’t have some fun with it now, did it?!

Climbing to my feet I walked to the edge of the rock ledge, and taking a deep breath, launched myself out into the sparkling mist.

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