Episode 19 of Bite of the Amphis

Episode 19

“I need to tell my father that I’m okay, and Shari, I have to help her. She’s trapped in those horrid animal pens and I don’t know what my father will do with her…”
“I’m not even sure that I believe my own senses right now, Amara. What makes you think that any of them will even listen to me let alone believe me when I tell them that I am talking to the disembodied spirit of the Chieftain’s Daughter?”
“Well we have to at least try, don’t we?!” I forgot my limitations for a moment and went to grasp his arm. He shivered as my fingers passed through him and I quickly pulled my hand back feeling awkward and miserable. I hadn’t even considered the possibility that no one would believe him, but I had to accept the fact that it was certainly a good possibility considering that he was already considered by many of the tribe to be more than a little strange. His stoic nature and preference for spending much of his time alone in the jungle had made him an outsider in the close-knit community, and no one would easily accept the word of an outsider, especially when what he had to say was so unbelievable to begin with.
I jumped up off of the bed and paced across the room. So, what would I do now? Maybe I could think of something that only my father knew about me, like a test to prove that it was me who was telling Solen what to say? Would my father’s grief let his mind be open enough to listen though? I wasn’t sure. If our places were reversed I think I would be too upset and angry with the world to hear the truth in Solen’s words. My father was far calmer than I, but would it be enough to let him hear my message?
“We should go and see the Priestess.” I stopped pacing. Solen’s words were quiet but his voice sounded sure.
The idea of returning to the sacred circle made my insides churn. I closed my eyes but all I could see was the blank obsidian stare of the serpent’s twin heads in those few terrifying seconds before it struck.
“Amara!” I blinked open my eyes. Solen was staring at me with a horrified expression on his face. I looked down at my feet and realised why. Where my feet should have been there was now only floorboards, floorboards which I was currently in the process of slowly sinking through.
This was totally unlike the other times when I had passed through solid surfaces. Normally the transition was fast and over in the blink of an eye but this time I was sinking so slowly that I could swear that I could feel every grain of wood as it passed through my insubstantial form. To say that the feeling was unpleasant would have been a total understatement. It was indescribable.
I panicked, my mind going blank. Solen dived forwards and reached out his hand to pull me to safety. Without thinking I grasped his hand in both of my own. Solen pulled back, and for a moment I stared down at our joined hands in amazement.
I could feel the warm solid grip of his fingers around mine just as I had as we stepped up onto the dais to face the Amphis.
Solen looked just as shocked as I did, especially when a moment later I went sailing straight through him and out the back wall of the lodge for the second time in as many days.  

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