Episode 28 of Bite of the Amphis

Episode 28

Crystal clear waterfalls trickled, ran and gushed over mossy walls covered in all manner of prehistoric looking ferns. Their waters cascading down into a pool that was so turquoise blue, it almost hurt your soul to look at it.

The waters lapped gently against the walls of the cavern, drawing out long strands of lush, green vegetation which waved and danced across its sparking surface.

The pool itself filled the entire cavern, and when I looked down to where it lapped at the ledge where we now stood, I saw shimmering shoals of multicolored fish darting about gleefully in its depths.

The cavern was lit, bright as day, and it took my overwhelmed senses a moment to locate the source of the light. It’s high vaulted ceiling was solid rock, veined with what looked like seams of quartz, but what my heart told me was sure to be pure diamond. The light was coming from another vast outcropping of sparkling gemstone points which thrust up from the center of the pool forming a small island in their midst.

It was this shining emerald isle which drew all of my focus then, or rather what I could feel nestled right at its very center. The presence called to me somehow, like a half remembered song or some long forgotten memory tickling at the edges of my mind.

The Priestess held out her hand and let the swirling sphere of aqua mist dissolve. It dripped through her pale fingers and fell into the pool below, shimmering, and then spreading out in concentric ripples which moved away from us across the water.

The moment the ripples touched the far bank the whole cavern seemed to begin to vibrate.

It wasn’t the same crass, clumsy shaking that accompanied an earthquake but something far more subtle, like the chiming of some soundless bell disturbing the air all around us.

With surprise, I looked down and found my fingers once again entwined with Solen’s. This time though I hadn’t sought the contact because I was afraid. It was more that I just had to share all of the wonder and anticipation that I felt thrumming through my every molecule.

Stone columns began to rise ponderously from beneath the water, sending the shoals of fish scattering in all directions. I could feel as well as hear the low grumbling noise they made, as the plinths pushed themselves free of the surrounding rock. They rose steadily, higher and higher, until at last they broke free of the surface of the water.

Shining rivulets poured from their algae covered tops creating even more ripples where they fell.

The Priestess smiled at our joint expressions of awe.

“I remember the first time I came upon this cavern. It’s quite something isn’t it?” Turning she stepped off of the ledge and onto the first large stone, holding her hand out to me.

“Come child. She has been waiting to meet you and your brave consort far longer than you can ever imagine.”

Releasing Solen’s hand I took hold of her cool fingers, terrified that any moment I would slip and send us both tumbling into the icy looking water below.

Thankfully my footing didn’t betray me though, and with concentration I followed her to the next stone, and the next. I felt Solen’s comforting presence at my back the entire way across the pool but it didn’t stop my insides from trembling as I took that last final step onto the glinting green shore on the other side.

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