Savour the Synchronicity

Savour the synchronicity
of nature in the Fall
The way the leaves redecorate
In deference to its call

The way the wind, so gallantly
Lends a helping hand
and sends them soaring through the air
‘Fore guiding them to land

Feel the crispness in the air
when Jack Frost comes to town
and decks the barren branches
With his lustrous eiderdown

The brightly blushing holly
Worth braving every thorn
The way the fire crackles
and offers up its warmth

How morning mist envelops
A landscape dressed in dew
That burns off ‘neath the Autumn sun
And leaves the world renewed

The vivid blaze of sunset
when colours drench the sky
The scent of snow upon the air
‘er southward, swallows fly

© 2019

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