The Trees Remember

Dappled light warms the nutrient soil
through dew laden boughs,
wreathed in the scent of pine
and rich, dark earth – I stand;

The vibrations of the forest speak to me;
It’s whispers – a thousand soothing voices –
fill the lingering silence within my soul.
An endless web of living roots
hum contentedly beneath my feet –
stretching infinitely out in all directions;


I feel others in the dappled shade
all around me
Family, Friends, Fellow souls;
all seasoned travellers
in the endless cycle of existence

Within the forest, I am more myself
Than I have ever been.
– Part of it –
A single, shining facet
of it’s immense soul;
gone for a time, but never forgotten.

The Trees remember and they sing my name.

At last, a reindeer approaches,
Her antlers draped
with silken strands of green moss,
and small, snow-white blossoms;


Somehow, I’ve known her
for longer than I’ve known myself.

I raise my hand,
smooth, silver-brown fur.
Soft and warm beneath my questing fingers.

Her gentle breath brushes my face,
sweet grass and chamomile.
We’ve had this meeting a thousand times.
– A Million –


I know our sacred ritual,
just as I know she will wait with me here,
beneath the sheltering boughs.
Until the time comes
for my spirit to travel
– Once more –

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© 2019

12 thoughts on “The Trees Remember

      1. Thank you. My books are currently available in print on Amazon. If you check out the ‘bookstore’ page on my site you can find all of the links to them. Thank you again for your interest in my work. It’s always lovely to hear nice things about something that means the world to you.

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