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This is the part where I’ll tell you a little bit more about me...

I was born in England and spent most of my childhood in a sleepy little village about four miles outside of the rural county town of Stafford. Almost from day one I became passionately obsessed with the written word – an obsession which, I am very grateful to this day, my parents chose to indulge me in. At five years old, I was already cutting my teeth on fantastic stories such as ‘The Faraway Tree’ and ‘The Wishing Chair’ books by the incredibly talented – and in my opinion still unparalleled – Enid Blyton.

I began writing stories at a very young age, as most writers tend to do. They were short and almost always centred on my other obsession, animals. One thing though was and still is a constant – I write in order to escape the world at large. As with Enid’s stories, I expect to be transported by both my own work and my inexhaustible reading habit into a whole new world, far distant from normal, everyday drudgery.

At twenty-three I completed my BA (H) in Journalism from Staffordshire University. This provided me with a solid foundation and some fantastic mentors, who taught me much about how to be more concise and how to edit my own work to get it ready for publication – something which I built on when I qualified as an Editor and Proofreader back in early 2018. The only thing that the University couldn’t teach me, was how to leave behind my inherent need for total escapism.

Today, I live in Abruzzo, Central Italy, in an old stone farmhouse which I am in the process of renovating. I now write mostly within the fantasy genre which suits me down to the ground, but I always make sure to add in a good dollop of romance, adventure, action and horror whenever I can, just to provide the right amount of spice and chaos to my stories. My work may not be derived from solid journalistic leads these days or even from the same realm as human current affairs, but I think we can all agree that, considering the state of the world right now, stories like mine are a heck of a lot more fun to read – and to write too, in all honesty!

This site contains an ongoing collection of both my published and unpublished work, so I do hope that you will enjoy what you discover here. I will be continually adding to the site, so keep checking back in with me from time to time for new short stories from the realm of fantasy, and blog posts about all of the fun that there is to be had in writing a brand new manuscript – sleepless nights notwithstanding!

I am also a dedicated poet and have published three poetry books to date; two volumes containing the best pieces from my portfolio; ‘Solitary Secret Paths‘ and ‘Inky Imaginings,’ and a third combined volume, ‘In The Light of Day‘ – which I put together to reduce printing costs so that I can save you guys a little on the purchase price in comparison to buying both of the individual volumes separately. The publishers limit how much content I’m allowed to display on one site at any single point in time, but if you check out the poetry page you will find a small taster of exactly what these books have to offer.

And because even all of that isn’t enough to keep my vivid imagination occupied, I have also recently finished my first children’s book ‘Bernard Meets a Bear’ (Not yet published as I’m still trying to find the perfect illustrator) and have several more children’s books in the works which I hope to be able to release over the next couple of years – again once I find the perfect person to illustrate them.

All of the above, as well as running my editing business and ad hoc, home-based animal rescue, just about keeps me busy enough and out of trouble!

For as long as she could remember, Bernadette had been able to close her eyes on the real world and walk through the inner doorway to her imagination.
As the years passed, she discovered countless new worlds, met a never-ending stream of exotic strangers from far off lands, and joined them in their unusual, exciting endeavours whenever she could.
On the eve of her twenty-eighth birthday, Bernadette arrived at a monumental decision. Anyone could tell that she didn’t like the real world much at all – humanity was disappointing at best. It seemed hell-bent on celebrating stupidity and, as a result of that fact, seemed doomed to repeat past mistakes for eternity.
Determined not to let herself get dragged down by the rest of humanity, she closed her eyes and walked through the doorway to her imagination for the very last time.
These days she works as a first-class bartender at the Golden Goose, a raucous dockside establishment run by her best friend and mentor Fiburnius Tarrow — Berni to all his friends.
She rents a small cosy room above the tavern for a steal, and in her free hours she scribbles down stories of the adventures told to her by the patrons of the Goose, before sending them off by piskie express mail to her contact in the real world for publication — a girl’s gotta make a living at the end of the day!

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If you would like to contact me with questions, suggestions, or even just to have a chat about my past, present or future projects then please feel free to drop me a line and I will get back to you just as soon as I am able.