Behind Closed Doors…

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Poetry Updates

Due to publication rules on Amazon KDP, I’ve had to remove some of my poems which were previously published on this website.

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Miraculous Illusions

Miraculous Illusions
Our way to manage life
Our self-enforced delusions
Insidious and rife

The mask we show the world is thin
Slender as crystal glass
It doesn’t take a heavy blow
To make its surface crack

Between the cracks, our truth shines through
Unsure and insecure
No matter how we shore them up
They only fracture more

Our best recourse in face of this
Is find our central truth
Present instead – this – to the world
It won’t engender proof

Miraculous Illusions
Appealing though they are
Can’t replace the peace truth brings
No matter who you are

Inky Imaginings

Pour forth
Words on paper
My creativity unlocked
I marvel at its artless grace
flow out upon crisp new pages
inky imaginings
dream-like, hopeful

Goal determined
I push on, revelling
Awash in cathartic release
Pen to paper is my true state
my intended mantle

But then
Like smoke it comes
Stroke of the pen ceasing
Hollow, Yawning, the Wasteland pulls
I find myself adrift, empty
No spark of invention
Silence, Nothing

Time Waits For No Man

Time waits for no man
So they say
But is it really true?
I could have sworn
That in my life
He’s paused a time or two

They say he flies
When life is fun
And this I know is real
It seems that Time
Is fleet of foot
The better that I feel

Time heals all wounds
Or so I’m told
And helps a heart to mend
I’ve seen that statement
Proven false
In grief, he’s not a friend

With Time
The heart grows fonder
Least that’s what people say
But to forget
Seems easier
The longer you’re away

This entity
We label Time
It seems we know him not
His true intentions
seem benign
But only he knows what

What Glorious Ineptitude

What glorious ineptitude
The human soul
Its never-ending mission
For the key to feel whole

Adoration of the masses?
Riches and gold?
A shiny new sports car?
Ways not to get old?

When all’s said and done
At the end of the day
Most take all that matters
And just throw it away

For some, they don’t see it
And others don’t care
Some had, and then lost it
And some were too scared

When you wake up tomorrow
Take a look with fresh eyes
Will you seek out what matters?
Or be blinded by lies?


On Empty Tracks

I dreamed of you
A ray of sunshine
The dappled light
From waving bows

On empty tracks
Where once the trains passed
Neath bridges
Where our freedom called

I heard you laugh
You did – so often
I heard you call
And wave us on

A precious dream
Wrapped in a memory
To cherish close
Though you are gone

Let It Be Known

Let it be known – I’m done with hope –
As hope is done with me.
It lead me on with bright gold dreams
that hid its falsity.

Let me believe – in truth and dues –
in fairness and in faith –
and then at first adversity
proved fleeting as a wraith.

And as a wraith – hope – chill’d my heart
and turned my dreams to ash.
It slammed the door and left – the dark –
where light is feared to pass.

But in this dark – is comfort cold –
at least the dark is true –
no fickle hope to tear my soul
or rend my heart in two.

© 2017

A Shadow Walks With Me Today

A shadow walks with me today

– I wish that he would leave –

He reminds me of my deepest loss

And forces me to grieve


He tells me that you’ve gone away

That I – alone – must stay

Without your smile

– your gentle touch –

Until my dying day


Without your soul

The world seems dim

– All shadows –

Drab and wrong

I never realised before –

My life would feel so long


Tomorrow – I’ll get out of bed

Tomorrow – I won’t cry

Tomorrow – I’ll do like you said

– I’ll do my best to try –


Time heals all wounds I’m told again

– He’d want you to be strong

They must not feel your loss at all –

To be so very wrong


A shadow walks with me today

I know now – he’s a friend –

The only one not watching on –

Expecting me to mend.

© 2017