A Shadow Walks With Me Today

A shadow walks with me today

– I wish that he would leave –

He reminds me of my deepest loss

And forces me to grieve


He tells me that you’ve gone away

That I – alone – must stay

Without your smile

– your gentle touch –

Until my dying day


Without your soul

The world seems dim

– All shadows –

Drab and wrong

I never realised before –

My life would feel so long


Tomorrow – I’ll get out of bed

Tomorrow – I won’t cry

Tomorrow – I’ll do like you said

– I’ll do my best to try –


Time heals all wounds I’m told again

– He’d want you to be strong

They must not feel your loss at all –

To be so very wrong


A shadow walks with me today

I know now – he’s a friend –

The only one not watching on –

Expecting me to mend.

© Bernadetteflynnauthor.com 2017